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Every year since I was old enough for camp it was my favorite place to be in the summer.  It has been decades and I still miss it every year and wish I was there. Honestly this is one of the biggest things I hate about being an adult--no summer camp.
Camp Blue Bay is having it's 65 anniversary this year.  I have some possibly hare brained ideas about doing some kind of a camp history project.  I don't know if it will turn into anything.  So far I am amusing my camp friends with old pictures on Facebook. I may write some stuff and put it on here.  But since there possibly as many as 4 people reading this I'm not going to worry about audience reaction yet.

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I've been re-reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover books lately.  Today I came across a bit where one character has a run-in with another who is "highly intelligent ...but without the scruples or ethics to match it." and then thinks "People with that high an intellect always ought to be targeted for serious ethics tutoring in early childhood."  (Rediscovery, pg.252)

It has made me think about how I might work this into my parenting.  I am open to creative ideas and suggestions.
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I suppose I have to start this post with 'I go out for a couple of hours and look what happens!"  But at least it was all cleaned up when I got back.  Apparently while Daddy was distracted or in another room our charming 2.5 year old managed to get whole stick of butter out of the 'fridge, unwrap it and drop it on our long haired cat. When Daddy came back in the room the cat was happily eating the butter (maybe it will prevent a hairball?).  Oh well, the cat was due for a trip to the groomer soon anyway. Besides, this little stunt may have done more to help him make friends  with the cat that his previous attempts (which included hitting, arm waving, attacking with a pillow and on one occasion attacking with an egg beater).  Life is never dull with a 2 year old...

BTW, my husband was going to post yesterday how nice it is that the above mentioned 2 year old is finally sleeping in his own bed and own room.  But this story was so much funnier I couldn't resist.

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Yesterday we went to the comic shop and he ran around the store, admired some action figures and found a Mad magazine he HAD to have.  He wanted it because it had a picture of the car from the Disney Cars movie. Mostly this just amused me.  His future nerdiness is probably a forgone conclusion anyway.  Both genetics and environment do seem to be pushing him in that direction.  Yes, he has been to the local comic shop many times as well as a few SF conventions and watched plenty of Sci Fi channel in the background (I figure all the Star Trek reruns I saw as a kid didn't do me any harm).  Now if he turns out to love sports as well THAT would have to be an odd recessive gene because it certainly isn't a part of our home environment.
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Usually I never post anything...but today I am bored.  Also I wanted the world to know my just-turned-2-year-old son learned a new word--"Tie dye" last week.  Not sure what that says about the nature vs. nurture argument but he surrounded by lots of tie dyed clothes.  I guess it is a consequence of my being home with him.

There was a quiz on a friend's livejournal--it said I was an "Uber Cool High Nerd."  However, I am not the right type of nerd to get the image to appear in my post...if I cared I might be embarrassed.. 

If I am lucky this is a link to the whole site:


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Hi Folks,

I am posting this so people know I rarely ever post entries.  If the mood strikes me and I have something to say that might change.

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